Crafting Unique Texas Spirits with a Family-Driven Origin Story

Experience the Stubborn Mule Difference: Small-Batch, Unfiltered Texas Spirits Rooted in Family Tradition, Craftsmanship, and a Stubborn Pursuit of Quality and Excellence

About us

In the early months of 2020, amidst the rolling hills of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the seeds of Stubborn Mule Distillery were planted by a group of six lifelong friends and fathers. Their journey through the heart of Bourbon country sparked a shared passion for crafting exceptional spirits, igniting a dream that would soon become a reality. Months later, nestled in the heart of Texas, this close-knit group established Stubborn Mule as a premium craft distillery, driven by their unwavering dedication to family and friendship.

Each bottle of our meticulously crafted whiskey is a testament to the enduring bonds of fatherhood, camaraderie, and a commitment to quality forged on the crucible of trust and a zest for life. 

As a craft distillery, we embrace the uniqueness of each batch, ensuring that no two products taste exactly alike.

With the indomitable spirit of the Stubborn Mule coursing through our veins, we continue to push the boundaries of excellence, refining our premium spirits with each passing day.


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What makes our products special?

We pride ourselves on our use of locally sourced grains, particularly blue corn. Our seasonal product offerings are inspired by the grains available in Gainesville and Sanger, Texas, such as Texas blue corn, and any other exceptional grains that emerge from our region.

Locally sourced

Stubborn Mule products are crafted using locally sourced grains, including specially selected blue corn, which adds a distinct regional flavor profile and supports local agriculture.

Small batch production

Stubborn Mule spirits undergo meticulous distillation in limited quantities, eschewing cold chill filtration. This approach enables meticulous attention to detail and quality control, culminating in spirits renowned for their exceptional taste and distinctive character.

Seasonal variations

Stubborn Mule offers seasonal products that vary based on the availability of grains and other locally sourced ingredients, providing customers with unique and limited-edition offerings that capture the essence of the changing seasons.

Artisanal Craftsmanship

With a focus on tradition and innovation, Stubborn Mule products are crafted with care and precision by experienced artisans, ensuring that every bottle reflects the dedication to quality and excellence that defines the distillery.

We blend tradition with innovation to craft exceptional Texas spirits


1836 CR 2117,

Gainesville, TX 76240



(940) 580-1162

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